Hi! I’m Daniel Cross, a Producer and Sound Engineer located in Perth, Western Australia.

My goal is to work with artists to not only produc
e high quality recordings and compositions, but also to create something unique and memorable.

What we create will be permanent – let’s make sure it’s something we can be proud of.

My Work




Looking to create a quick demo of a song or two? Looking to record your band’s first EP to create some hype? Perhaps you’ve already released a few DIY projects and you’re looking to make your album or next release just that bit much more professional.

Get in touch and we can sort out just exactly what you need!

Every project needs to sound it’s best. That’s what I can do for you.

Utilising Avid ProTools, numerous boutique plugins and a multitude of high-end outboard gear I can ensure your tracks sound as best as possible.

Need that ‘radio’ polish? Need a bit more volume for your track to stand from the crowd? Or, do you just need a DDP image to send off to a printing house?

Look no further. High quality mastering and DDP imaging is just an email away.